How We Help:
We began by making a plan to have a member of Dr. Vlad's staff deliver food on a weekly basis.  We didn't know where to start, but we knew that providing consistent nutrition was a need.  As we worked with the orphanage, we learned that they rent the property where they operate. Unfortunately, they were behind in the rent, because more basic needs came first.  We decided that we would commit to paying the yearly rent and feeding the children.  Little did we know that this was just a beginning.  
One Boy in 2012

The same boy 2017
As we continued to work with this orphanage and increase our investment in the lives of these children, we realized that to give them lasting hope, they would need an education.  We learned that it would be far more affordable to build a school and hire teachers than it would be to send each child miles away to a school in the community.  Our team built the school and committed to paying teachers to staff the school.  We thought that just our kids would attend the school, but the directors of the orphanage saw an opportunity to invite children from the city, who could not afford to go to school, to come and to pay a minimal amount. Over 25 children from the surrounding neighborhoods have a chance to attend school because of the generosity of the Dovicks. Currently the school
 has a kindergarten, taught by one of our older orphans, who works at the orphanage at night, teaches in the morning and then goes to her classes in the afternoon. It also has first through fifth grade as well as a sewing class. Soon the students will need sixth through ninth grade, and we strongly desire to expand the school to meet that need and also to expand to be able to teach some trades for our students who are severely deficient academically.

We try and engage in at least one major project each year. One summer, we built bunk beds for the children. Prior to this project the kids were sleeping two-three in a bed. Besides being uncomfortable, this is a recipe for a quick spread of the cold or any other viruses that may visit the kids.

It is amazing what kind of joy having your own bed can bring.

Here, in the United States, we complain if our water is too chlorinated, or taste like beach water. In Haiti, clean water means life and health. In 2014 we provided temporary water solutions using gravity filters, but last year we were able to invest in a more permanent solution and also were able to provide running water, which means flushing toilets and more privacy for bathing time.

This photo is the hand pump that had been used to draw water for drinking, cooking and bathing. The pump does not supply clean water, and the children would have to bathe here near the pump. As you can see, this has potential for many issues.

By installing a tank on the roof, and pumping the water from the hand pump, via an electric pump and generator, through two filters, then the orphanage would have clean water running inside the house for showers, drinking and flushing toilets.  This is a huge life changer for the children and the workers who run the orphanage.

The children have been growing physically, spiritually and academically since they have had consistent food, education and care.  Ultimately, we want to see the older children find jobs, secure living space and support their orphanage and teach the younger kids how to follow in their success. None of the projects or efforts would be possible without the help of people like you. Thank you for your prayers, donations and volunteer work. 

How You can Help:
If you would like to donate, please click below, create an account and choose Haiti as your area to donate. Remember, 100% of your donation goes to Haiti. Our church does not use any and the members of this organization do not use any.

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If you are not able to make a monetary donation, please go the the Help page of this website and learn how you can help us raise money through your time and various other donations.